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Crisis Resources

Housing Resources
A national nonprofit organization. Mercy Housing is one of the nation’s largest affordable housing organizations. We participate in the development, preservation, management and/or financing of affordable, program-enriched housing across the country. Mercy Housing serves a variety of populations with housing projects for low-income families, seniors and people with special needs. We acquire and renovate existing housing, as well as develop new affordable rental properties. We develop, finance and operate affordable, program-enriched housing communities for families, seniors and people with special needs who lack the economic resources to access quality, safe housing opportunities.

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Crisis Resources

2-1-1 is an easy to remember telephone number that, where available, connects people with important community services and essential human services like training, employment, food pantries, help for an aging parent, addiction prevention programs for their teenage children, affordable housing options, support groups and ways of becoming part of their community. Call 211 for emergency help with affordable housing and basic human needs, referrals to human services for every day needs and in times of crisis.

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Resources for Children and At Risk Youth
The nation's largest and most comprehensive residential, education and job training program for at-risk youth, ages 16-24. Job Corps operates 118 primarily residential Job Corps centers located across the country and in Puerto Rico. Job Corps is a free education and training program that helps young people learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED, and find and keep a good job. For eligible young people at least 16 years of age that qualify as low income, Job Corps provides the all-around skills needed to succeed in a career and in life. In addition to training, Job Corps students receive housing, meals, basic health care, and a living allowance twice a month.

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Resources for Women and Single Mothers
This program provides women with support services to assist them in entering non-traditional technical fields/trades. They focus on upgrading math skills, providing prevocational and vocational training programs and information about career options in technical fields. They also conduct an outreach to junior and senior high school students and women in the community, a non-traditional vocational training program for teen mothers, pre-college math enrichment and programs for displaced, homeless and single parents.

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Get on Your Feet Programs

United Way
United Way provides free services to people throughout the nation. Staff will talk with you over the phone and provide job information and job referrals. United Way also works with agencies that provide job counseling, job training, and emergency food, and housing, and shelter.

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Services for Children

Administration for Children and Families
Responsible for federal programs which promote the economic and social well-being of families, children, individuals, and communities.

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Featured Articles

Image: Budget Meals

Five Tips for Fast, Healthy Meals on a Budget

What do time and money have in common? They're worth a lot, and we could always use more of each. Between managing a packed schedule and trying to stretch every dollar, getting a healthy meal on the table may seem impossible. Smart planning and shopping can make it easier on any budget, so mealtime can be nutritious, tasty and stress-free to prepare.

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Image: Garage Sale

Increase Garage Sale Profits with some Marketing Basics

As the weather warms up, garage sales begin appearing all over the U.S. Garage sales are a great way to clean out clutter while making some extra dollars for home improvements, bills, vacations or even "retail therapy."

Marcela Iannini, department chair of Advertising and Design & Media Management at Miami International University of Art & Design, says, "Garage sales are great opportunity to employ basic marketing principles in a fun way; a little innovation and creativity go a long way to maximize sales."

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Image: Shopping

Save Money, Even When You Splurge

We keep hearing the words "bad economy," and while views differ on the strength of the recovery, the reality is that most people are still feeling the aftermath of the recent recession. The good news is that you have control over your own personal economy. More than ever before it's easy to save money and manage your finances. With the abundance of online tools and free apps, consumers can find the best prices and keep track of their spending in mere seconds -- they just have to make a concerted effort.

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Image: Family Budget

How to Make a Quick Budget

Are your finances out of control? Do you feel like your money is leaving the second it is deposited into your checking account? You're not alone.

Countless individuals feel the exact same way. Everyone knows working a budget is the hardest part of the journey – it's making the budget that's the easy part! Yes, you can make a quick and easy budget. It's not rocket science, and by the time you're done, I know you'll feel better!

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3 Home mortgage programs for single mothers

Majority of the mortgage programs dedicated to assist single mothers to purchase house are aimed at low-income women. If you are a single mother who is facing financial hardships in buying a home for you and your kids, then you should do adequate research to find out a home mortgage program that suits you best. A large proportion of the houses in the country are owned by single mothers. Single women may be looking for extra security for their kids by securing a home. Many single mothers, who face difficulty in making ends meet, may harbor the hope of owning a home for her and her kids. Different types of programs are also available. You can take advantage of various mortgage programs to fulfill your dream of owning a house. Here we discuss different programs dedicated to the single mothers.


Programs for At-Risk Youth

By: Jenna Brooklyn

Are you a parent keeping a teenager who is at risk? What is the solution to the problem of your children? How can you help them? At what cost? Will your child get assistance elsewhere apart from home than home? Will at risk youth programs make a difference?

This is just a tip of an ice berg as parents caring for at-risk youths have more questions than answers each brighter day. With the everyday life challenges that are rife in our society, like separation and divorce, people are exposed to temptations that more often than not young people have no choice but to face problems at whichever places they visit.


Troubled Teen Boot Camps

By: Rochelle Algarra

Are you having difficulty understanding or handling your teenager's personality and attitude? A lot of parents today often find themselves in a similar predicament in which they become desperate and clueless in handling their teenager's mood-swings, behavior problems and negative attitude towards school, their elders and/or figures of authority. Although this is a common problem in the adolescent stage, it can pose to be a real challenge to many families.

To give parents a hand with this issue, boot camps are now being put up whose programs are specifically designed to help confused and troubled adolescents. These camps offer short-term programs which may last anywhere from thirty to ninety days (usually the duration of an entire summer vacation). These programs are geared to help, motivate, and instill a more positive outlook in life for these teenagers. They focus on behavior modification where obedience, respect, and diligence are the primary values taught to them.


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