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College Scholarships

Look for things that reflect your interests. The Web site will take you through a process and generate scholarships that you should apply for.
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50 College Scholarships

ACT-SO Olympics of the Mind Scholarships,Bell Labs Fellowships for Under Represented Minorities... and many more
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Scholarship Resources

Programs that provide scholarships to support exceptional young peoples' thirst for knowledge and their desire to make a difference in the world.
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Paying for College

You might be qualified to borrow an additional student loan such as an unsubsidized Stafford Loan or a private education loan.
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Getting into College

Research schools. Look for a school with programs that are of interest to you, find out if the school is a good match for you.
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Free Colleges

The U.S. government offers some of the best deals around -- enroll at one of the five service academies tuition-free.
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8 Ways to Go to College for Free

Check to see if you or your student qualify for a free ride. Some colleges or aid programs could save you thousands.
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Set Yourself Up For Academic Success: Smart Habits for College Freshmen

Got your extra-long sheets? Check. Flip-flops for the shower? Check. What about your school-branded hoodie, hat and T-shirt? You may think you've thought of everything for your first year of college, but without a plan to achieve success you are still unprepared.  

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Making College A Reality Despite the Price Tag

Sending a student to college is a proud time for families. But with tuition costs rising and families continuing to face financial challenges, many are taking another look at how to pay for college.

According to the latest Merrill Edge Report, 56 percent of parents have paid or expect to pay more to send their first child to college than they had originally anticipated when the child was born.

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How to Score The Perfect Internship

The growth of a college student from the first year of instruction to the final days as an undergraduate is immeasurable. But what happens in the time between these two milestones? Book reading, paper writing and party going generally make the list, but employers are telling us to add another item - practical on-the-job training.

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College Graduates: 6 Financial Survival Tips for the Working World

Despite a turbulent job market and economy, if you are a recent college graduate, there is much to be optimistic about as you leave campus and head out into the real world. No one ever says life on your own will be easy, but post-graduate financial bliss can be a reality. These six tips from Thrivent Financial offer a starting point for recent graduates who are ready to put their education to work for a secure financial future.

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