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Image: Ways to Make Extra Money

Ways to Make Extra Money

It goes without saying, but the internet offers a wealth of ways to sell your stuff and pocket some cash. You can sell just about anything: clothes, toys, furniture, books, DVDs, records, electronics, art, gifts you don't want--really there's always somebody out there willing to buy something you have.

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Image: Get Free Stuff

Free or Cheap Stuff

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Image: Budget Travel Sunset

Budget Travel

  1. Participate in a Frequent Flier program

  2. Talk to the right people -- from the agent on the phone to the desk agent and be polite. Be personable, pleasant or share information or even a nightmare experience which may get you a sympathetic upgrade.

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Image: Learn for Free

Learn Stuff for Free

Khan Academy -- Non-profit educational website covering everything from math to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice

Open Yale Courses -- Provides free and open access to a selection of introductory courses taught by Yale University distinguished teachers and scholars.

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Image: Sale Shopping Bag

5 Easy Ways to Budget Money

Managing your finances is really challenging especially in the age of sky-high demands for both your money and your time. However, despite these demands, it is important to know how to budget money to secure financial stability for you and your family. If the entire process seems too tedious or complex for you, then here are 5 easy ways to budget your money to secure a safe financial future.

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Image: Budget Meals

Five Tips for Fast, Healthy Meals on a Budget

What do time and money have in common? They're worth a lot, and we could always use more of each. Between managing a packed schedule and trying to stretch every dollar, getting a healthy meal on the table may seem impossible. Smart planning and shopping can make it easier on any budget, so mealtime can be nutritious, tasty and stress-free to prepare.

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Image: Garage Sale

Increase Garage Sale Profits with some Marketing Basics

As the weather warms up, garage sales begin appearing all over the U.S. Garage sales are a great way to clean out clutter while making some extra dollars for home improvements, bills, vacations or even "retail therapy."

Marcela Iannini, department chair of Advertising and Design & Media Management at Miami International University of Art & Design, says, "Garage sales are great opportunity to employ basic marketing principles in a fun way; a little innovation and creativity go a long way to maximize sales."

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Image: Shopping

Save Money, Even When You Splurge

We keep hearing the words "bad economy," and while views differ on the strength of the recovery, the reality is that most people are still feeling the aftermath of the recent recession. The good news is that you have control over your own personal economy. More than ever before it's easy to save money and manage your finances. With the abundance of online tools and free apps, consumers can find the best prices and keep track of their spending in mere seconds -- they just have to make a concerted effort.

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Image: Family Budget

How to Make a Quick Budget

Are your finances out of control? Do you feel like your money is leaving the second it is deposited into your checking account? You're not alone.

Countless individuals feel the exact same way. Everyone knows working a budget is the hardest part of the journey – it's making the budget that's the easy part! Yes, you can make a quick and easy budget. It's not rocket science, and by the time you're done, I know you'll feel better!

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