5 Easy Ways to Budget Money

5 Easy Ways to Budget Money

Managing your finances is really challenging especially in the age of sky-high demands for both your money and your time. However, despite these demands, it is important to know how to budget money to secure financial stability for you and your family. If the entire process seems too tedious or complex for you, then here are 5 easy ways to budget your money to secure a safe financial future.

Record Your Income & Track the Expenses:

You have to record the exact amount you are earning. It’s the most basic step for money management and you have to count every income stream coming into your accounts, including your salary and any additional income. The next step is to track the expenses. You must keep account of every day to day expense including your daily trip to Starbucks. Recording your expenses all you to check how far your expenses meet or exceed your income. There are budget worksheets available with rows and cells where you can keep account of your earnings and regular expenses. These budget worksheets can be found both in the Excel spreadsheet and in pencil & paper formats too.

Set the Priorities:

Now, make a list of your necessary and indispensable expenses and a list of the not-so-vital luxuries like spa treatments or dining out. Your actual task would be to allot your earnings primarily for the basic priorities like groceries, monthly medical checkups, tuition fees, car maintenance and so on. Then, if the budget allows, allot some of the remaining money for your luxuries but never go over your budget.

Save money:

Find out the discount sales and rebates to save money as much as possible. Try to conduct your shopping affairs from online stores only as the online shopping charges are lesser compared to land based stores.

Budgeting Coach:

You can also consider consulting a good budgeting coach too. These are seasoned financial experts who provide effective advice on budget management for a nominal fee. The budgeting coaches can really help you out if you are too confused with your needs versus wants, earnings, assets, expenses and debts. These coaches are well aware of the money matters and offer budget consultation packages for 1 hour to 4 hours which you can select based on your needs.

Personal Finance book:

There are personal finance book materials written by money-management experts which also provide an easy to understand budgeting program for everybody that helps a lot in understanding the money monitoring effectively.