College Application Checklist

College Application Checklist
  1. Research schools. Look for a school with programs that are of interest to you. Ask around; go online to find out if the school is a good match for you. Weigh different financial aid and scholarship options. Find out if it you can afford it.
  2. Contact schools and request information and applications.
  3. Pay attention to application deadlines.
  4. Prepare for standardized tests—Study independently, create a study group, find an affordable test prep program. On test day, make sure you are well-rested, have eaten a good breakfast and are in a clear state of mind. If you can, it’s wise to take standardized tests more than once to make sure you get the best score possible.
  5. Write your essays. Think of topics that set you apart from other students. Find a way to emphasize how unique you are and how you would add value to the school.
  6. Get recommendation letters from people who think highly of you, are good judges of character and will add credibility to your application.
  7. Research financial aid and scholarship options.
  8. Get money together for application fees.
  9. Get your school transcripts sent to the schools of your choice.
  10. If possible, visit the schools to help you in your decision.

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