Goal Mapping

Goal Mapping

Goal-mapping is like a treasure hunt, you must first start out by knowing what you are looking for. Be very specific on what you want without limiting yourself. The next step is charting out what course of action you must take to get what you want. I encourage women to map out a treasure hunt on what they want in life, and to use that chart to reach their goals. That is exactly what I did to get my Ph.D. degree. I knew that I wanted to get my degree in psychology, and to write a book. My goal was to use my dissertation as a self-help book, and with the successful completion of my dissertation I could be awarded my degree. I enrolled in the Ph.D. program and completed all my core courses.

It took a very long time, but I never gave up; persistence is the single most important aspect in attaining a goal. It was time for me to write my dissertation, and at this point I was scared and almost ready to give up because money was running out. I found a way to make ends meet while I could devote my time to finishing the book. While enduring the arduous task of writing I kept my vision and knew I had to be true to my goal. While most of my friends were supportive, many people in my life were not. I was ridiculed for even attempting such a grand task. I kept working on my book, and then one day I was on my last chapter. I turned it in; successfully defending it, and received my Ph.D. For me, my treasure was my Ph.D. degree. I kept following my directions to find my treasure and I got it! If I can do it, you can too.


1. Be specific on what you want.

2. Do what is necessary to reach your goal.

3. Be persistent, don’t ever give up. Even if things look grim, look for solutions and ways to keep your vision.

4. Don’t let others discourage you, everyone feels fear, and everyone is criticized. The only difference is that the one who finds her treasure doesn’t let the fear and criticism stop her.

5. Stay on the map for the duration. It may be tempting to abandon the goal, or to go on a different hunt, but keep your focus and stay focused on your treasure.

6. When you find your treasure, open your box and accept your treasure graciously!

About The Author

Marla Sloane Ph.D., is a successful author and speaker. Her Positive Affirmations subscribers have reached world-wide proportions, and her book, “The Masks We Wear and How to Live Without Them” is at the heart of her teleclasses; From Ordinary to Extraordinary?Unmask Your Potential; teaching individuals how to remove limiting labels. Marla has also produced, Trilogy of Meditations, for your Mind, Body, and Spirit, which is distributed nationwide, and in Europe.

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