How to Find Scholarships

How to Find Scholarships
  1. Search Online – Look for things that reflect your interests, what you can do. The Web site will take you through a process and generate scholarships that you should apply for.
  2. Research Local Scholarships First – Ask your high school guidance counselor for scholarships students graduating from your high school or scholarships for residents of your town, county and state. You’ll have the best chance of winning a scholarship closer to home and among a smaller group of candidates.
  3. Check with your public library – Those without access to the Internet should go to the library to look at books and catalogs with scholarships. Most libraries will have a number of books about financial aid, including scholarship guides such as the College Board’s Scholarship Handbook. They also may have information on local scholarships.
  4. Check Membership Organizations and Employers – Explore religious, community service, fraternal, military, union and professional organizations as sources of scholarship money.
  5. Don’t overlook your parents – Tap into whatever scholarships or tuition programs offered for the children of employees. Have your parents check with their Human Resources Department for details.
  6. Check with your employer – Big companies like fast food chains, department stores, and supermarkets often give scholarships.
  7. Use a Free Scholarship Search Service – Scholarship search companies gather information on tons of awards and evaluate a student’s eligibility. You’ll be matched to possible scholarships based on your answers on a questionnaire and your overall eligibility.
  8. Contact Your State Department of Higher Education – Nearly every state has a scholarship program for residents, usually awards for students who attend college in their home state.
  9. Research Institutional Scholarships – research what kinds of scholarships are available at the schools that interest you. Check out college websites, catalogs, and financial aid offices for this information.
  10. Find Scholarships related your intended major – Institutional awards can be offered on a university-wide basis, or within a particular college or major. Eligibility for such awards can be based on merit, financial need, intended major, ethnicity, or a variety of other factors.

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