Interview Tips

Interview Tips
  1. Research the company
    Never go to a job interview without first checking out the company online. If you show up without any knowledge of the company you will look unprepared, lazy and uninterested in the company’s background.
  2. Be your own salesperson
    Don’t be afraid to blow your own horn. Let employers know that what you have going for you and what sets you apart.
  3. Make sure are prepared
    Get a good night’s sleep, have a god breakfast and show up for the interview 15-20 minutes early. Have a copy or two of your resume, a list of your references. At the interview be friendly, gracious and engaging to everyone you come in contact with. Make sure you demonstrate that you are eager for the position without coming across as desperate.
  4. Make it easy for the employer
    Make things crystal clear for the employer. Your experience, your value as an employee are for you to explain to them. Don’t expect them to know what is best for you.
  5. Know what you want
    Apply for a specific job. Don’t just search for a job without a specific goal in mind.
  6. Do your research
    Do some research, go online, ask around to find out how much you should earn for a particular job. This will help you when you’re working out your salary and benefits.
  7. Back up the info on your résumé
    If you can, get people who have thought highly of your job performance to put it in writing. This can give your resume extra credibility.
  8. Have an edge
    If you know someone at the company, get them to sing your praises. Use whatever advantage you can to set you apart from the pack.
  9. Make them want to hire you
    Send an enthusiastic thank you letter after the interview reiterating why you want the job and are the perfect person for the job. Make sure you send it within 2 days of the interview so you are fresh in the employer’s mind.
  10. Have a back-up plan
    Keep in the back of your mind that you may lose your job and prepare for that day. Keep your resume up to date and keep track of your accomplishments. If the time comes, you will be set up to get a job quickly if you’ve planned ahead.