Troubled Teen Boot Camps

Troubled Teen Boot Camps

By: Rochelle Algarra

Are you having difficulty understanding or handling your teenager’s personality and attitude? A lot of parents today often find themselves in a similar predicament in which they become desperate and clueless in handling their teenager’s mood-swings, behavior problems and negative attitude towards school, their elders and/or figures of authority. Although this is a common problem in the adolescent stage, it can pose to be a real challenge to many families.

To give parents a hand with this issue, boot camps are now being put up whose programs are specifically designed to help confused and troubled adolescents. These camps offer short-term programs which may last anywhere from thirty to ninety days (usually the duration of an entire summer vacation). These programs are geared to help, motivate, and instill a more positive outlook in life for these teenagers. They focus on behavior modification where obedience, respect, and diligence are the primary values taught to them.

Teen Boot Camps, however, can be both physically and mentally demanding to teenagers so that there is need for constant monitoring by specially-trained personnel. These high-intensity camps are similar to a military environment where attendees are made to live in tents or barracks which are mostly situated in remote locations, such as the outdoors.

Attitudinal modification is the main goal of these programs. Your child will be taught to instill discipline in themselves, and learn consistency and commitment. Additionally, children are expected to learn how to make better choices by rewarding good behavior with special privileges and punishing bad behavior or decisions, usually with physical exertion.

Experts believe that such short-term programs are quite effective and more advisable especially in the early stages of intervention. Long-term programs, however, may have the opposite effect or unexpected results. A teen boot camp that applies modern techniques in its courses have higher success rates.

Of course, it is also important to realize that each teenager has a unique personality with different reactions to certain stimuli. Hence, effective teen boot camp programs take this into consideration and give each attendee an individualized approach that is specific to his or her needs. Camp personnel are skilled at using the proper method of reaching-out or communicating to whatever type of character a teenager may have.

Prior to enrolling your child to a boot camp, parents are first opened to a discussion with a consultant for the administrations to get a complete background about the teenager. This will also help administrators design a program that is best suited to his or her particular problem. Parents are then advised on the next steps to take, what is expected from them and from their teenager, what is included in the program for their child, and what outcome is anticipated when the program ends. An adviser or counselor that is conversant in handling troubled teens and can research the most applicable boot camp or program is the ideal choice and can guarantee a successful intervention.

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